The Pendleton Panther

The Ugly Part of Traveling

Posted on: October 14, 2009

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, flying has become a real hassle. Before the attacks, travelers could take on their hand bags and carry-on bags practically everything, limiting liquids to a certain size only. Then, showing to check-in at the airport one hour early was pretty much sufficient.  The type of shoes worn did not matter. The immigration and security officers at the airports were much more friendly and helpful. Travelling was fun from beginning to end.

Now is totally different. People need to arrive in some places and airlines up to three hour early. No scissors, no nail cutters, no liquid gels, no liquid containers above one hundred ml, etc. Passing the security area is sometimes even degrading. People need to take out belts, shoes, jackets, and lap tops too. Passing the security area was fast, and now it takes forever. Worst of all, the officers could be a possible terrorist, so the questioning is tremendous and sometimes even ridiculous.

At the end, we all know that the world has changed since then, and that even if this makes us uncomfortable, it is in our own good and security. This is something that is happening not only for local flights, but for all international flights, including those way far from the US.


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