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European Union Fights the Death Penalty

Posted on: October 14, 2009

The World Day Against the Death Penalty took place on Saturday, attracting human rights groups as well as ambassadors from many nations.  Most notably, the European Union made a strong case for the abolishment of prisoner execution.  With two thirds of the world’s countries in active opposition to the practice, 80% of the world’s death penalties last year occurred in only five countries.  These countries are China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.  The U.S.’s 37 executions are dwarfed by China’s 1,178, but the EU argues that 37 is still far too many.  The ambassador from Sweden Stig Berglind claims, however, that “This is not to point fingers at the US – this is a commitment worldwide.”  The death penalties that have been given in the United States last year, nevertheless, illustrate exactly the EU’s reasons for such vehement opposition.  Four prisoners that were on death row were released as new evidence and investigative techniques.  As the EU’s ambassador to the U.S., John Bruton, put it, “Miscarriages of justice are inevitable in any legal system, and any miscarriage of justice that results in the death penalty is irreversible.”


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well done ryan, just a couple of details to fix – the categories. (right?) also, look at the post on the site. You’ll see the problem – re-size the photo.

well written otherwise.

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  • Aully Bukan: Thanks for share...
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  • Rob Dresser: Many people have a poor grasp of what this is about. At its core this is about advanced stage terminal illness and relieving those in that condition


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