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Disney unveils new “do it yourself” ride

Posted on: October 14, 2009

Sum of All Thrills poster

Sum of All Thrills poster

Walt Disney World in Orlando’s Epcot Theme Park has released to the world a new “do-it-yourself” theme ride. It is called Sum of All Thrills. A fitting name for a ride that lets kids design their own rides on a computer screen. The rides are based on “virtual roller-coasters, bobsled tracks or plane rides.” After the kids create their own personalized ride, they are able to go into a robotic carriage. It takes the next generation virtual reality programs to allow the kids to experience the rides they had created just moments earlier. Disney made this stride because they recognized the desire from young kids to want to be able to participate in the experience of the thrill rides. A reason this type of ride wasn’t brought out earlier is the high cost of implementing the design. But Disney is now full force on rides with rider interaction. According to CNN, “In addition to the new Epcot ride in Orlando, Florida, two Disney theme parks feature a ride called “Toy Story Mania,” which lets riders shoot at targets as they roll down the track and, in doing so, shape their own ride experience. Another Disney attraction, CyberSpace Mountain, caters to adults and kids by letting them customize their own virtual ride from a menu of drops, loops and other features.” I think this is fantastic. It allows for the creativity of young kids to expand and grow. It creates a sense of accomplishment as well as excitement among adolescents to see their work actually be a part of the Disney theme park. I have many friends who have ridden the Toy Story Mania ride and have had a blast. The interaction draws you more into the ride. Disney is making great strides with its technology and customer friendly approach. I am optimistic about what else they will unveil in the future.


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