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The Best Ever?

Posted on: October 13, 2009


The Greatest Ever

The Greatest Ever

Honestly, there is not a whole lot more to be said about Tiger Woods that hasn’t already been proven on the 18th hole. It seems unfair most of the time as Woods is always one or two steps above the competition. Nearly every tournament he plays in, it seems that even if he in the back of the group going into Sunday, he is still a threat to take home the trophy. Woods revolutionized strength and conditioning in the world of golf. His physical stature is greater than any other athlete in his sport. He prides himself on the daily exercise programs that enable him to drive the ball 300 yards on a consistent basis. Physically, Woods is in a league of his own.


            Tiger is the definition of consistency. He has the ability and skill to hit long shot after long shot, the ability to chip the ball and place it right beside the hole, and the ability to make puts that continue to leave people in awe. Every time he steps on the course, Woods has a plan and a routine. He sticks to the routine and doesn’t get distracted by anyone or anything around him. Each swing is the same, each step is the same and each breath he takes is the same regardless of the situation. Being able to follow a routine enables him to put himself in the best situation at all times to win the tournament.

            A last note on Woods that can apply to all athletes today is his mental strength, the winning edge that enables Woods to be as successful as he is. It is his attitude and mentality that makes him a stellar athlete. Woods is supposed to win every time he steps on the course. Granted, that doesn’t always happen, but in his mind, it should. His vision became reality and as a result Tiger Woods has won more tournaments than any current participant on the PGA Tour.


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great job on both articles for this week.
a17 = 20/20

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