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South Africa 2010 World Cup

Posted on: October 13, 2009

Next year there is a huge event happening in South Africa. I think it’s the biggest event in the World. This tournament its set by the FIFA Play, a group of people who make all the organization. It is there decision to decided where the World Cup will take place and they decide the groups in which each team will be.

At the beginning of  the year the FIFA thought that South Africa wouldn´t even make it. They need to start building a lot of new stadiums and a lot of buildings where the people could stay. But now a days, South Africa its ready to host all that people and having that great event.

Its been a year since the qualifying for the teams started. Right now we just know about some teams that are already qualify, the qualification its about to end. The teams we already know are: Ghana, Mexico, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, England, Italy, Brazil, Paraguay, South AFrica and Chile.

This World Cup its gonna be so competitive, its gonna be so good. Don´t miss it.


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