The Pendleton Panther

G-Shock Boys from ATL

Posted on: October 13, 2009

G.S.B means G-shock boys.  It is a group that me and my friends back home in Atlanta made up.  It means we rock or wear the g-shock watch. It is a nice, flashy, worn by mostly young people.  We picked this group because, the G-shock is flashy and we are a flashy group of guys and its high tech.   The watch has its own swagg and we have our own swagg.  The other reason why we pick this group is because, we grew up together.  We have know each other since we were in a 5th grade so we decided to just come up with a group.  The group is not only flashy,  high tech and sexy, but we are also very educated young African-American men.  We are hard workers when it comes to school work and when helping other people.  We are very dedicated to our sport and we work hard.  We are athletes.  Basically the G.S.B. are flashy, sexy, high tech, educated, athletes, hard workers, and lovers. All of us in the group play either basketball or football.  We all are very good at one of those sports and play at a very high level.


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