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World Balance

Posted on: October 13, 2009


World Balance

A global crisis may develop in one of two scenarios, says economic commentator Anatole Kaletskaya The Times. In one case, the power number 1 will remain the United States, in the second – the world will plunge into chaos.  Assuming an optimistic outlook, the measures promoting financial sector and real economy will act as necessary and within a year the country will return to pre-crisis growth rates, and unemployment will fall, believes Kalecki. “The financial crisis has significantly changed the course of the United States, bringing it closer to the ideology of Europe, and America’s attractiveness as a political model for the democratic world has increased. Moreover, the crisis may strengthen the structure of the economy of the United States, promoting the idea of environmentalism – clean energy and health care reforms proposed by Barack Obama”- notes the analyst. He also sees no alternative to the dollar as world currency.


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  • Rob Dresser: Many people have a poor grasp of what this is about. At its core this is about advanced stage terminal illness and relieving those in that condition


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