The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: October 11, 2009

"1 down 30 more papers to go."

"1 down 30 more papers to go."

Have you ever heard the expression of “all work and no play makes up for a sad day?” Its a very common expression used mostly by adults who work long hours and almost seven days a week. Believe it or not kids can be over worked as well as adults. I sometimes think that once adults turn over the age of 30 they forget all about the hardships that they had to encounter as kids. The stress, late nights of homework, the extra sport practices and the drama at school. Just living with your parents can be stressful. All those things can put a serious load on a kid’s back to where sometimes we just want to give up because of the stress of being over worked. Adults also love to use the saying “Back in my day…” I hate to break the news to all you more experienced people but not that much has changed about being a kid in this world. We all deal with the same problems that you dealt with when you were our age . So we would like it if you can cut us some slack so that we do not feel overworked.

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