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Teens Suicide Pact

Posted on: October 10, 2009

Erskine Bridge

Erskine Bridge

Last week two teenage girls jumped off the  Erskine bridge holding hands in a suicide pact. The 125 foot high bridge is close to the residential house just outside Glasgow, Scotland where they were both staying. Neve Lafferty, 15, from Helensburgh and Georgia Rowe, 14, from Hull had only met and become friends weeks before  jumping to their death hand in hand. Staff at the house thought they were going to bed to watch TV and only realised they were missing when they went to check on them after ‘lights out’. Soon the police found their bodies in the river Clyde and were airlifted to a hospital, but were dead on arrival.

Neve Lafferty

Neve Lafferty

Georgia Rowe

Georgia Rowe

There have been many questions asked as to how the girls were able to leave the secure home and why none of the staff had any idea that the girls were so unhappy. Later messages from both girls were seen on the social networking site of ‘Bebo’ saying their goodbyes to friends.

It wasn’t long after when an episode of the popular teen drama in the UK called Holly­oaks featured a suicide pact where one of the characters jumps from a platform at a disused factory! A spokeswoman for the TV station said: “Any similarities are entirely coincidental”.


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