The Pendleton Panther

Soccer mom shot to death by husband

Posted on: October 10, 2009



This past Friday I read on CNN News that a soccer mom in Pennsylvania was shot to death by her husband while having a conversation with a friend on her webcam. After Meleanie Hain, a 31-year-old soccer mom with three children was shot to death; her husband proceeded to go upstairs to the bedroom where he shot himself in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun. Ironically a year prior to this event Hain drew media attention September 11th, 2008, when she carried a handgun strapped to her belt at her daughter soccer game. Nine days later Hains permit was revoked by the County Sheriff, who claimed she showed poor judgment by wearing the weapon to a child’s game. County Judge later reinstated the permit. Meleanie was shot several times with a 9mm handgun the same in which she carried. Her fully loaded handgun was found hanging from her backpack at the scene. During this shooting Hains three children were present in the home but fortunately they were unharmed and took refuge at a neighbors home before police had arrived.


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