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Pirates mistakenly targeting warship

Posted on: October 10, 2009










 pirates surrendering

pirates surrendering

About 250 nautical miles off Somalia’s coast, Somalian pirates in two small skiffs mistakenly opened fire on a 360,000 ton French war ship. The French ship gave chase and captured five suspected pirates. After one skiff fled, and the French ship pursued the second one in an hour-long chase. After catching the alleged pirates they found 5 of them on the skiff with neither food nor water nor arms. France is playing a key role in the fight against the pirates and the protection of merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden. The UN has set up Operation Atalanta. It has aggressively tracked and caught suspected pirates and sent 22 of them back to Kenya to face consequences from the local authorities. An additional 15 suspects were brought to France for prosecution after allegedly seizing and attacking boats belonging to French nationals. French president Nicolas Sarkozy called for the French navy to show pirates surrendering action against piracy last year after dozens of attacks occurred counting numerous times on French ships and the widely publicized take-over of an American vessel that required interference from the US navy to reclaim the oil tanker.


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