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Antigua Guatemala

Posted on: October 10, 2009

La Antigua Guatemala is a city in the central highlands of Guatemala, famous for its well preserved Spanish influenced, Baroque architecture. La Antigua Guatemala means the “Old City” and was the third capital of Guatemala. Now a days Antigua Central Park  is the heart of the city.  Antigua Guatemala is build with stone streets. Every monument have its own history. Most of the monuments have a religious meaning, Antigua Guatemala is a place that has so much influence from the Catholic religion. Antigua is famous for its processions during Lent and the Holy Week. A lot of people of different country’s love Antigua because it’s a relaxing place and very safe.  Its one of the places where more turist we have in Guatemala. It is a growing tourist destination in Guatemala as it is close to Guatemala City Guatemala but is much calmer and safer, with more tourist oriented activities.


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nice My City is Beautifull i love Guatemala…

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