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World’s Tallest Man

Posted on: October 9, 2009

Sultan Kosen born in 1983 in Mardin, Turkey currently holds the record for the worlds tallest man. He is 2.47 m (8ft 1 in). Kosen grew as a helathy child just as every other child. At the age of 10 he was diagnosed with pituitary gigantism after doctors discovered a tumor behind his eyes. The tumor put alot of pressure on his pituitary gland and it caused him to have extreme growth. He had many surgeries but his growth continued until the tumor was finally removed in 2008. With all of these problems around him, Kosen now suffers stress on his knees. Kosen has three brothers and a sister, he lives with his parents who are all normal size. Because of his height Kosen was unable to complete school and part time jobs as a farmer. Kosen describes his advantages and disadvantages, he describes the advantage as helping his family in domestic jobs such as changing light bulbs and hanging curtains. He describes his disadvantage as not being able to find clothes or shoes that fit him, as well as a car.The former world record holder was Bao Xishun who was 2.36 m (7ft 8.9 in) tall.

Sultan Kosen Worlds Tallest Man

Sultan Kosen Worlds Tallest Man


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