The Pendleton Panther

How Old Are We?

Posted on: October 9, 2009

On July 16 2009 Phillies slugger Ryan Howard became the youngest baseball player in the history of the game to hit 200 home runs. Unfortunately for Howard he did not hit is 200th homer in Philadelphia. He hit is 200th home run in Miami playing the Florida Marlins. In the right field stands that day, there was a 12 year old girl named Jennifer Valdivia and this was her first major league baseball game she had ever been to. This game will be a game she will remember for the rest of her life. That day Howard hit his 200th home run which landed a row in front of her and then into her lap. Valdivia being 12 years old did not have any clue that the ball would have personal meaning to Ryan Howard for the rest of his life. After the inning was over a Phillies equipment manager went out and asked for the ball and told her to come to the dugout after the game and Howard would personally sign her baseball. Being 12 years old she thought that she was going to get the ball she caught back however, Howard signed a different ball and gave it to Valdivia. Then on Monday the family filed a lawsuit against the Phillies trying to get the ball back that Howard hit. The lawsuit was based on that she was “bullied” into giving the ball back to Howard. When the Phillies caught wind that they were doing this with no questions asked the Phillies mailed the ball she had originally caught back to her and the suit was dropped.         138903_phillies_marlins_howard_baseball


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