The Pendleton Panther

He’s No Bo

Posted on: October 9, 2009

Orlando Cabrera GettyWhen Bo Jackson played for the Kansas City Royals, he was not only aggressive at the plate but he was very aggressive sometimes after striking out. Jackson did strike out a lot and sometimes after striking out he would show how strong he was by taking his bat and breaking it over is knee. Jackson who was 6 foot 1 and rock solid of all muscle could do this very easily. However on Wednesday Orlando Cabrera after striking out in the 7th inning against the Yankees in game one of there playoff series, Cabrera attempted this “art” of breaking his bat over his knee. When Jackson broke his bat it was easy and looked like he was breaking a tooth pick. This was not the case for Cabrera after his strike out he “tried” to break his bat and he FAILED! After he did not break his bat and Yankee Stadium got a good laugh out of it he had to explain to the head coach why he did that. After he got back to the dugout and the twins did not make a late game rally they ended up losing the game 7 to 2. For Cabrera he not only lost the game but he also has a bruised knee and he did not make his bat punish for not making contact.,194747


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