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NFL coach possibly getting arrested

Posted on: October 8, 2009

NFL coach

NFL coach

Tom Cable, who is the former coach of Oakland Raiders could be arrested because of an alleged assault on his assistant coach, after another terrible loss. There could be criminal charges presented against coach Cable and they could lead to him being suspended from the league. Police don’t want to comment on the investigation,but it was quoted from the assistant coach who is Randy Hanson who told the police that he is accusing coach Cable for assaulting him during practice. Later on assistant coach appeared with a broken jaw and his attorney  said that there were 3 coaches that were there, and witnessed the attack. They are going through an investigation but for now its been almost 2 months, and there hasn’t been an arrest. If coach cable gets arrested, he could also be suspended from coaching in the NFL for violating the conduct policy. In this policy coaches are held the same way that players or, if not higher for violating any rules of this policy.

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