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Great Wall Of China 萬里長城

Posted on: October 8, 2009

Great wall of china

Great wall of china

The Great Wall of China, also known as “A Wall in 10000 mile” has a total length of 8,852 km. The Great Wall is built from the Shanhaiguan and ended at the Lop Nur. The wall goes around the southern edge of Inner Mongolia. When we watched the Disney cartoon “Hua mulan”, the movie began by an invasion of the Chinese empire by Shan Yu and the wall we see in the movie is The Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is really important to china because it protects the people of China and acts as a boundary and prevents foreign countries to invade China. However, there are many tragedy stories on the building of the wall. When the first empire, Qin Shi Huang started to unify the wall, many laborers were brutally beaten to work without stopping. No one rested and the conditions were harsh. When a worker died because of the excessive work, he would be thrown away and others were not allowed to mourn but only to keep working. No one was allowed to rest. As a result, thousands of lives were sacrificed. Despite all the deaths, the Great Wall of China was a benefit for the Chinese. It can even be seen from the moon. This is a big honor for China and its people.


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