The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: October 8, 2009

“ There is no life after love, love has no lifetime, love lasts forever.”

I read a book called “Forever” and it made me cry.  It is about a girl who met a boy and they fell deeply in love with each other. The girl was forced to go to another state for a long summer camp and the boy found a job in a state that was really far away. They communicated through writing letters to each other, at first, the letters were long and passionate but gradually it got shorter and shorter. The boy was worried because it had been a few weeks since he last got her letter, he drove down to where the girl was and found out that she was getting intimate with a young teacher. The boy of course begged her not to leave him but the girl was too confused with her feelings and emotions that she turned down both of the boys at the same time. The reason it made me cry was because I expected them to be together forever, I wanted something to prove to me that there was something called forever but obviously I was left disappointed. Is it true that nowadays, there is no such thing as forever? I always see my friends breaking up, hearts toured and promises broken. Why can love be so weak sometimes? We should look around us and appreciate people we love and people that love us. We should think twice before we make silly decisions that will make us feel relieved for a minute and regret for a whole lifetime. When you love someone, don’t go looking for another one because love only comes once in a lifetime so please let it last forever. Let forever happen. 


Pure love

Pure love


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