The Pendleton Panther

What is Going On With NBA Players?

Posted on: October 7, 2009

They said NBA players are suppose to be role models and good guys. I have personally spoke to many NBA players and they say the superstars don’t act like like everyone thinks they act. I’ve been told that most NBA players are wild and “party animals” and they said 75%  of NBA players smoke weed. Myself as well as people I surround myself with have always asked ourselves; why are most NBA players cocky? Arrogant?  Why do NBA players put on an act in front of the cameras? Why are most NBA players party animals and why do most of them smoke weed? These are just a few questions I want you as you the reader to answer for yourself. This is a big topic that I wanted to discuss today. If anyone can answer those questions for me, I’d appreciate it. On the other hand, NBA players are hard workers and they take care of business. It is funny how they can balance out both work and play, a lot of play.


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