The Pendleton Panther

The War with the Middle East

Posted on: October 7, 2009

iraq-war-426The war with the Middle East should not be still going on, because it is the longest war that the United States has been in. We need to get the soldiers out of Iraq or Afghanistan. We should get as much children and women that are in Iraq and Afghanistan and we should threaten them with an atom bomb or some other kind or nuclear bomb, and if the Muslims do not stop trying to take over country’s and hurting other people ,we should send an atom bomb down on them. If we were to go over there and try to bomb the country with every person still in it, it would be a disaster and it would be a lot of blood on our hands. The children and women should be taken to a different country that will feed them and give them shelter and take care of them. The Muslims are teaching the children there that the Americans are bad and that the Jihad is the best and that they need to praise there God Allah.


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