The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: October 7, 2009

teamworkO how this word can can be such a great thing at times yet one of the most disappointing word at other times. Teamwork of course can be applied to sports in which people have to work together to accomplish a common goal. That common goal is and will always be to win. Your teammate can be your biggest help and your biggest treat on a team. Lets say you are in the last few seconds of a basketball game and you trust your teammate to make the winning shot. You do everything that you are supposed to do and get the ball to him that he takes the shot and makes it. That is an example of teamwork at its finest. Like I said earlier, team work can also be the most disappointing word at times. Picture this, at bottom of the 9th inning you get a base hit and all your teammate has to do now is put the ball in play to win the game, but he strikes out. That is just how quickly teamwork can become bad. No matter what happens though teamwork is still the most important thing and is always helpful to have someone on your side than against you.


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