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Vancouver Island/ My Hometown

Posted on: October 6, 2009

Vancouver Island BC

Vancouver Island

I have lived most of my life in Canada, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, which is a fairly popular place for tourism. It is a beautiful place with a mild climate. It rains for the most part during the winter and maybe with a small chance of snow but during the summer it is just beautiful. BC is actually the most western of all the provinces in Canada. I enjoy skiing during the winter very much. My family and I usually go up to the mountains during Christmas time. The island is gorgeous. It’s a place where you could play golf and go skiing up in the mountains 40 min away all in the same day. The people are very hospitable and kind. I miss home very much! I miss the people, the weather, and all the adventures I use to have. However, the nice thing is that I lived in a very small town back home similar to Bradenton. So all in all I don’t mind being here too much it brings back some nice memories of my hometown and its simplicity.


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