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USA deported 90,000 Mexican kids last year

Posted on: October 6, 2009

The American authorities sent back to Mexico 90,000 minors who had crossed the border illegally in 2008. There should be nothing wrong with that, but the National Commission of Human Rights claims that the kids were often left by themselves in deserted areas in the middle of the night.
The report says that almost always the deportations are made accordingly to what Mexico and the US have agreed on, but they warn that “there are complaints that the US authorities violate the agreements by not delivering the kids to the consular authorities in the stablished places, or that they leave them in the middle of the night with nobody to receive them.”
Another problem is that many times, the hard thing is to find their families, since they cross the border with unknown people and the kids don’t know how to go back to their homes. As a result, there are more kids living in the streets in the bordering cities.


mexican kid


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