The Pendleton Panther

First Move

Posted on: October 6, 2009

So the mood is set just right and the moment is perfect. You close your eyes, heart starts to race and then you stop and the moment is lost. That was just one example of when making the first move on your love one goes wrong. Making the first move is a form of pure art and skill that takes much time to explore and learn. The first kiss is the most important part of a relationship. The first kiss can dictate rather or not the relationship is going to be good, bad or if there will be a relationship at all. This one moment can occur many times where you feel like nothing can go wrong, but so quickly does the situation turn upside down. The first move must not be planned or prepared for or it will never go right. The first move is mostly based on instincts and guts, the rest of the equation will add up and flow. There is a reason why the first move is known as the hardest part of the relationship. Just make sure that you seize the moment.Smart%20Move%20-%20FULL%20COLOR%20RGB%20(for%20web%20and%20monitors%20use)


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