The Pendleton Panther

Fierce Taliban Battle in Afghanistan Pushes into U.S. Base

Posted on: October 6, 2009

A picture of the base back in 2007.

A picture of the base back in 2007.

Last Saturday, October 3rd, Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan launched a surprise attack on the American troops as they were preparing to pack their things and depart from the military base. It was an extremely intense battle that lasted for twelve hours. It started at 5 A.M. A total of eight Americans were killed and many more were critically injured or wounded. The attack was so brutal and relentless that the insurgents managed to break through the outer defenses of the American base. The battle ensued at the Forward Operating Base Keating in the Kamdesh District of Afghanistan. The base sits in the bottom of an Eastern Afghan valley. It is completely surrounded by many “ridge-lines” that the insurgents used to attack the U.S. soldiers. According to CNN “The United States now believes that about 200 insurgents — mostly local fighters, with some Taliban organizers and leaders — had been planning the attack for days, hiding mortars, rockets and heavy machine guns in the mountains. Sources said the Taliban may have been watching the troops make preparations to depart and launched their attack at a time of vulnerability.” Upwards of 100 militants were killed in the battle. This was a bloody battle engaged at a hapless moment for the U.S. soldiers.


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