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Chinese moon festival

Posted on: October 6, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese moon festival is called mid-autumn festival too. The date of the moon festival is August 15th on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The moon festival is one of the most important holidays for Asian people. It is the second most important celebration in China after the Chinese New Year. On the moon festival, the Chinese reunite with families. We gather all the family member and eat the moon cake, pomelo and have a Barbecue. There is a story behind this festival.  Long time ago there were nine suns on the sky. And everyone suffered from the heat, the people urged the best archer in the country, Houyi to do something, so he shot down eight of the nine suns. Therefore, he becomes the hero of the people.  But he became arrogant after he got famous and aspired to be the King of the world. To conquer the world, Houyi did not want to die, so he got a pill that will make him live forever and never age from the goddess. His kind wife, Chang however did not want Houyi to let people suffer so she stole the pill and ate it. In the end she flied to the moon and Houyi got kill by one of his follower.  People want to celebrate Chang’s heroic actions, so we celebrate by eating moon cakes. There are many version of the origin of the moon festival. This one is the one that I like the most. This festival is my favourite festival because we can have a day off and have a fun night with our families.


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