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Dead Whale Washes Up On Shore Near Tampa

Posted on: October 6, 2009

Tampa Whales

The Whale was Killed When Hit By a Ship

There was a whale floating in Tampa Bay.  None of us know why the whale was even in Tampa Bay.  Until later investigators found this whale dead in the water.  This is unusual for Tampa having a huge mammal being exposd to the open public.  This whale was found near a shipping channel off Davis Islands and Port Sutton.  Also it measured to fifty feet in length.  This whale was a Bryd’s whale.  Now some of the officials tell us that a ship may have struck the whale, and causing the whale to die in the water off  Tampa.  They later had to tow the dead carcas off to Fort Desoto so that they can have an necropsy.   These whales have been known to cause damage to large ships, and possibly follow along the ships wake.  Biologists determine the whale was a full grown lactating female.  This species isn’t listed as endangered, because scientists don’t know much about them.


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