The Pendleton Panther

Ukraine says “No more gas conflicts with Russia!”

Posted on: October 5, 2009


Yulia Timoshenko

During a conference call redarding the country’s preparations for the upcoming winter, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko completely ruled out the possibility of a new gas conflict arising with Russia. “We have created a model that will work for several decades and prevent any potential gas crises” Tymoshenko stated. “This also signifies our political independence, since we will not have to ask for anything from anyone” she observed. The PM indicated that Naftogaz, of Ukraine had accrued a record-high amount of its own natural gas – about 25.4bn cubic meters. At the moment, Ukrainian underground storage’s hold roughly 26.34bn cubic meters of gas. Tymoshenko also observed that Ukraine managed to acquire this gas without any foreign loans, stressing that this fact proved the country was independent. She also pointed out that Ukraine was poised to continue paying Russia for all gas supplies, in full. “The situation that was characteristic of Viktor Yanukovych’s term in office during 2006-2007, when Ukraine’s debt to Gazprom reached $1.5bn, will not repeat itself. We will fulfill all our obligations to Russia,” she asserted.


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