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Part of Moscow Will go Under Ground

Posted on: October 5, 2009

The Underground City

The Underground City

NIiPI General Plan of Moscow has made plans for construction of the underground city. The purpose of the ambitious project is quite noble – to put an end to most of the traffic jams in the capital. But for some motorists, the problem is still not over! Director of NIiPI General Plan of Moscow – Sergei Tkachenko believes that there is a place for pedestrians.  Ideally, a Muscovite would be able to get to work without going into the “light of God”, and with greater comfort. They are scheduled to break ground under the streets making way for artificial lighting, shopping malls, and even … museums. The sponsors of the project believe that in the very near future in Moscow, catastrophic traffic jams will make traveling by car impossible to get anywhere. They believe that under the ground, you can dig up plenty of ways to bypass and transport interchanges. Tkachenko promises “instant” intersection “underground” in Moscow, in any direction.


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