The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: October 5, 2009



Halloween is always on the October 31st of every year. It is a celebration carried from Irish immigrants.  It is a secular celebration, but some expressed strong feelings about perceiving religious overtones. Its original name is “ALL HALLOW’S EVE”. The Halloween colors are orange and black. The symbol is this celebration is a pumpkin with a curve like jack. During Halloween, we often wear costumes and do trick or treating, we do ghost tours, have bonfires, visit haunted houses, carve the jocko’- lanterns, scare people, read scary story and watch horror movies.  In the ancient Celts, people would place a skeleton head on their window because the people believe the head of a human being is the most powerful in their body.  They want to use it to scare off any bad luck.  The jack is the famous Halloween figure, he is an old greedy farmer who tricked the devil into the forest. He was cursed by the devil to wander at night on the earth for eternity. People also believe that Halloween is the day that ghosts are closest to us. This is kind of the same as the Chinese’s ghost month. I think the Halloween is my favorite celebration in USA because I can see people dress up crazily and we can get free candies from our neighbors.


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