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Hackers Target Christians on Facebook

Posted on: October 5, 2009

Hackers defaced a Facebook Page

Hackers defaced a Facebook Page

A very bad hacking attack on a Christian dating site has been used to break into Facebook accounts and post racist comments. The online group called 4chan which hacked former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin’s email account and spread hoax news about a spate of celebrity deaths – is now targeting Christians on Facebook. The hackers stole login details and passwords from an unnamed Christian dating site and used them to break into Facebook accounts. In one instance, they superimposed a target’s face on to a picture of a naked woman and published it on her Facebook page, pretending they had uploaded the wrong picture by mistake. Posing as one devout Christian woman who had committed to no sex before marriage, they published a status update on her page thanking “Michael” for sex the night before. The 4chan community was also responsible for hacking into Palin’s email account and publishing private messages on the web. The site and its members are rarely held responsible for their actions because there is no search feature on the 4chan websites, and pages expire after a certain period of time. This tells us that hackers people have nothing else to do that mess around people stuff and private life.


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