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Battle with Afghanistan Again

Posted on: October 5, 2009

battle with afghan

Battle with Afghanistan Again

We have fought with the Afghans for a long time. Last Saturday,we had a new battle with the Afghans again and the battle lasted for about 12 hours. Officials say that at least eight American troops and two-afghan national security forces died, this is the largest amount of deaths in war since 2008. We had a really bad situation, the weather was against us and the terrain that we had was bad. All these negative conditions made it hard for us to fight back. Now, it is up to the president to decide wether or not to send in more troops and soldiers into Afghanistan. When I saw this news I was really upset because it relates the movie I recently watched in class called “Charlie Wilson’s war”. We helped the Afghans fight with the Soviet Union but we did not do help recover them and most of the people did not know that we had helped which is why they have chose to turn against us. Hopefully something will be done to stop the fighting and the sacrifice of innocent lives.


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