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Posted on: October 5, 2009

'wee' man

'wee' man

When Scottish people talk, they speak very fast and always sound like they are angry. It can always be a challenge trying to understand if you are not used to it. Pronunciation is very different. For example, down is pronounced as if spelt like ‘doooon’, can’t is said like ‘ canny’, won’t is ‘wilny’. Also different words are used. A common phrase is ‘a wee bit’, meaning a little bit, you can say ‘a wee boy’ meaning a small or young boy, but ‘wee’ can also be thrown into a sentence for no reason, so you can say about a tall man, ‘that wee man’. I agree it makes no sense, but I must admit I say it myself. It is quite funny watching a foreign person trying to have a conversation with a Scottish person. People think that it is out of laziness that letters are not pronounced when they should be, e.g cat, is said like ‘caaa’ then they exhale for the ‘t’.

So… do you think you can understand if an angry Scottish person was talking to you very fast?


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