The Pendleton Panther

The Invention of Lying

Posted on: October 4, 2009

inventionThe Invention of Lying is a new movie that recently came out this Friday October 2,2009. This movie is basically about how lying, or even the concept of a lie does not exist in the real world. Every person in the world starting from politicians to the normal people, speak the truth without thinking about the consequences. But when  a “looser” finds a way to lie, he finds how dishonesty brings him many rewards. And since everyone in the world believes him because there is no such thing as lie, he becomes very rich and famous from telling tales. But things start getting out of control when he realizes that his tales are been taken as a gospel. Also, he realizes that money and fame is not everything in life if he cannot be with the person he loves. Because the one thing that he was not able to lie his way into, was in the woman that he loved. This is a very different movie that I found interesting and enjoyed the message that it gave us the audience. And it makes us realize how fame and money does not entirely give you happiness in life.


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