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Rio 2016: “Live Your Passion”

Posted on: October 2, 2009

The Summer Olympic Games of 2016 will be held in a city that works at the rhythm of samba, where people are known for their joy, closeness and generosity, and where the sandy beaches are the meeting point of the crowd. It was in the world-famous Copacabana beach where thousands of people had gathered to hear the announcement. An eruption of jubilation occurred when the name Rio was called out. Several factors have made the 106 members of the Olympic Committee opt for their project.  “The candidature of Rio was built upon a vision of the Games being a celebration of the athletes and sport, as well as providing the opportunity for the city, region and country to deliver their broader long-term aspirations for the future.” Jaques Rogge, President of the IOC, said.  More than half of the Olympic venues are already built, since they hosted the Panamerican Games in 2007. The Maracana stadium, home of the soccer club “Flamengo” will be in charge of hosting the opening and closing ceremonies. This election is great news for Rio, for the fast socio-economic development of the country, along with these Games will help accelerate their transformation into an even greater global city. The Games will be held from August 5-21 and its theme will be “Live Your Passion”.

rio olimpic city

View of how the Olympic complex will look like


1 Response to "Rio 2016: “Live Your Passion”"

yes, we can! I´m a brazilian waman, we are surprise Rio will be the city for the Olimpic Games of 2016. We hope ower people will be receptive with the whole world, but Í know the problems that we will have to come up against. That´s not easy for our people, and can be more difficult for the visitors. Traffic, violence, poverty.
We have the “cidade maravilhosa” but these difficults can´t be hidden of the cameras.

Sorry if I wrote anything wrong, I´m learnig inglish yet.

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