The Pendleton Panther

Lewis Hamilton – One of the ‘Greats’

Posted on: September 26, 2009

LewisJust two seasons into his F1 career and Lewis Hamilton became the World Champion and is probably, the most famous driver in the sport.
Lewis started racing go-karts at the age of 8, winning the McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future series. He was only 13 when McLaren signed him up as one of the promising juniors in the young driver program. He was taken on as a Formula 1 driver in 2007 and did not disappoint in his first year in F1 either. He finished third in his first race winning a total of four races in 2007, not bad for a new comer!
His driving style demonstrates his natural talent for the sport, in the way he is as fast as lightening but also his strength of character shows in the gutsy way he competes. In 2008 he proved that he could go all the way by becoming the youngest world champion ever in the last race of the season.
However, this year any hope of defending his title vanished with a difficult year, especially after he crashed in Italy and went spinning into a tyre wall. Lewis says that despite these mishaps he would still give 100 percent in all remaining competition. “I know I’m out of the title hunt, but I want to attack these last four races, pushing for as many victories as I can”, he said.


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