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Mateusz Jedrzejczyk

Posted on: September 25, 2009

2044429329_97c7f76f7bMateusz Jedrzejczyk was born in 29 April 1991 in Warsaw, Poland. He is the best Polish golfer, and according to Polish Golfers Ranking in magazine ”Polityka” he is the best polish golfer ever. He’s avg. scorring in 2009 is 67.1. Even Tiger Woods didnt have this low scoring avg. in his age. He has represented Poland since 2001. He won 6 polish champion titles and 2 professional tournaments. Now hes training in West Palm Beach, Florida with LPGA major champion Patricia Lebuecke. Hes lowest round is 62 in West Palm Beach, Florida on Ibis golf course. He was playing in Junior Open in United Kingdom. He also played in European Amateur Championship. Hes plans are to be the best player in the world and overshadow Tiger Woods victories by winning 100 PGA tournaments.


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greg, I’ll count this as assignment 6 – again for progress report purposes.

Also, all of your posts need some an additional category and editing – proofread and spellcheck your posts before you publish.

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