The Pendleton Panther

Bradenton, FL

Posted on: September 25, 2009

bradento beach

Bradenton, FL is by the beach and the weather is pretty good. Sometimes it is really hot, but other times it is not. The sun shines almost every day in Bradenton. It is near Sarasota and Tampa. My family came here over 130 years ago and was one of the founding families of the area. They moved here from Georgia. We even have our own cemetery where over 200 of my family members are buried. Bradenton is a fun town because the fishing here is great. The sports here are good and having IMG Academies in our town makes it even better.  The beaches are pretty. The only bad thing about living in Bradenton is the potential for storms and hurricanes. Most of the people who live in Bradenton are nice. Even though my family has been here a long time, I hope to live somewhere else when I grow up.


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