The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: September 23, 2009

Wood-stock was an amazing 3 day festive that started in the 60’s.  The festive consisted of people from all over the country and some of the best artist of their time like Jimi Hendrics, Carlos Santana, the who,  and one of my favorite grateful dead.  The brains behind the operations was a incredibly successful man named Michael Lang.  Michael Lang was a man from New York growing up in times of change.  He went from owning a “head shop” to a poster shop to opening up wood-stock, to a recoding studio.  He was a well respected man from people all over the country.  Opening wood-stock effected people all over the world.  It gave people things to look forward to.  The festival eventually had video recoding and live footage.  The first festival they tried to do was very unsuccessful and they lost money but in the end it turned into a amazing part of history. core-0000-c8a0428b129d9ec60112ae883bfe769d.l_data-0000-c8a0428e1a7ce400011a7ff02e8e5182


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