The Pendleton Panther

Morning People

Posted on: September 23, 2009

morning_glory_430I’m going to write about morning people. I think morning people and night people are very different. The morning people feel at his or her best during the hours before night. Morning people are very special in my opinion. I think that morning people have more times than night people. Morning people wake up early and have a great breakfast and feel fresh. I think that night people wake up late and are always in a rush, I think that they don’t feel as fresh as morning people. I believe morning people are so much better than afternoon people because morning people go to bed earlier than night people. Morning people are cool and save a lot of time. But night people can be good as well. Especially when they are at parties, morning people can stay awake all night, but night people can stay up all night. I believe morning people and night people are good. 75% of people are night people. I suggest people should change to morning people.


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