The Pendleton Panther

NFL Week 2

Posted on: September 22, 2009


Similar to that of week 1, there were a few players that stood out above the rest as the NFL season has gotten underway. Frank Gore in week 2 rushed for 207 yards on just 16 carries as well as having two rushing touchdowns. As a result, he helped the 49ers deffeat the Seahawks 23-10.  It is good to see Frank Gore still has it in him after a less then impressive first game against Arizona, in which he rushed for 30 yards on 22 carries.  Although Frank Gores stats this week were very impressive it would seem to many that Kurt Warner’s performance was one of the best, compared to any other player.  Kurt Warner completed 24 of 26 passes setting a NFL record of highest completion percentage for a single game.  Warner’s 92.3 percent beat Vinny Testaverde’s 91.3 percent for Cleveland which he did on Dec. 26, 1993.  However, that wasn’t the only record that Kurt set on sunday;  Kurt Warner also set a team record for most consecutive passes completed to start a game by going 15 for 15, tying Jake Plummer’s mark from Nov. 8, 1998 against Washington. Along with his extremely high passing percentage Kurt Warner threw for 246 yards and two touchdowns, which lead the Cardinals to a defeat over the Jaguars with a score of 31-17.  So far this football season has been one filled with much excitement and record breaking performances, which excites me to see what these teams have in store for us the rest of the season.


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