The Pendleton Panther

Manning Knows His Place

Posted on: September 22, 2009

Monday September 21 2009, the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins were fortunate  to shine under the Monday Night lights. The NFL season has just begun and both teams need a win to get back on the right track. The Colts beat the Dolphins 27 to 23 which was a good win for the Colts because it made them 2 and 0 on the season. For Peyton Manning the win was even more special because he surpassed Johnny Unitas as the all time winning quarterback. With this victory Manning won his 119th game as a Colt, however Manning did know that Unitas was considered by most to be the greatest quarterback of all time and so he told reporters that he was honored that he was mentioned in the same sentence as him. Unitas was apart of the 1958 Baltimore Colts that won the Super Bowl that year. It has been called the greatest game ever played. However, Manning has won a Super Bowl as well. Manning is now the face of the Colts but some people may say that Johnny 76184544DV012_DETROITUnitas is still the best player ever to play in a colts uniform. However, if you go by wins Manning is the better quarterback.


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