The Pendleton Panther

Flavored Cigarettes Banned

Posted on: September 22, 2009

The  Federal Health Officials officially banned the sale of flavored Cigarettes this past Tuesday.  The F.D.A is also working on creating a ban for all flavored tobacco products.  They believe the tobacco companies are trying to attract a younger audience by offering such flavors in their tobacco such as chocolate, vanilla, clove and other flavors that are popular to young teenagers.  This ban comes only three months after Barrack Obama gave the F.D.A authority to regulate tobacco products.  A recent study showed that “17-year-old smokers were more than three times as likely as those over the age of 25 to smoke flavored cigarettes, and they viewed flavored cigarettes as safer.”  Another study showed that “Every day, 3,600 children and teens start smoking and 1,100 become daily smokers.”  As a result, some might say it is very important to ban certain flavors of tobacco that may attract a under age smoker to start.  At the same time, people make their own decisions each and everyday which no one can make for them, and most kids who smoke flavored cigarettes would most likely smoke non flavored cigarettes as well.  My opinion on the situation is that we should ban cigarettes all together or not ban them at all



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