The Pendleton Panther

Bradenton boy home alone calls 911

Posted on: September 22, 2009

boy calls 911

In Bradenton, there was a mother of three children at home on a Friday night.  When she left home to go to a nightclub, the eldest child who was 7 years old calls the police. He has two other siblings of ages one and four. The mother of the boy, Rashondra Latrice Waiters, 25 years of age, came home on Friday.  She found some Bradenton Police officers awaiting her arrival in her apartment.  After it happened, she admits that she left her children home alone, because she went to a nightclub.  That’s what the report said.  The officers told a dispatcher and told them his mother went to the mall before, hanging up.  Also there was some evidence for this kind of behavior or suspicious obscurities in the room.  They found a 1 year old baby with some dirty diapers, oxycodone pills and a kitchen knife within reach of the children.  The police arrested her on charges of 3 counts of child neglect.                                                                                          ( By Robert Napper,


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