The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: September 22, 2009

I use my agenda for almost everything. I can be a forgetful person at times and I need to always write things down.  Usually if it’s not written down somewhere it’s forgotten. I write down my homework, tests, quizzes, dentist or doctor appointments, birthdays, phone numbers, and special events, basically everything! I remember my agenda from last school year, I still have it. I had written almost everything in it. It was like practically looking at a journal. Do you use an Agenda/Planner? If not how do you seem to remember everything? If you have a test how do you go by remembering it? Or if you have a due date for a project. I sure couldn’t live without my agenda. It’s a part of me. My agenda is almost as important to me as my cell phone. I can grantee you that I would suffer without my cell phone.Agenda


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