The Pendleton Panther

Obama Comments On VMAs

Posted on: September 16, 2009


Kayne West is known for his music and his style. He is always making new songs and producing music for other artists. However, West has been known to make a few presidents upset with him. In 2005 West produced songs that bashed President Bush for not getting to New Orleans fast enough to help the people that we trapped, due to Hurricane Katrina. He made many songs about Bush explaining how he was not doing enough for the people in New Orleans. Four years later, during his first year as President, Barrack Obama called Kayne West a “Jackass” in what was supposed to be an off the record conversation with the media. If you haven’t already heard, West rudely interrupted country music star Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech when she won best music video at the VMAs. Swift had barely started her speech before West broke in and said “Beyonce has the greatest video of all time!” Later that night West made a guest appearance on the New Jay Leno show and he apologized for his impulsive actions. In the course of four years, Kayne West has managed to make two Presidents upset with his insulting music and other stupid actions. Obama has not yet released a statement on calling West a jackass, however he will most likely apologize; just like West.


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