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MMA Growing Fast

Posted on: September 16, 2009

ufc 100




















The fastest growing sport in America today is mixed martial arts.  Although it is often considered to be gruesome by many critics, mixed martial arts (MMA) is being advertised as a athletic competition rather than a blood fest.  When the Ultimate Fighting Championships first came on to the tv scene, it just had several thousand viewers and was advertised as a so-called blood fest.  As a result, many TV stations would not give them air time and were considered exclusive to Pay per View.  The UFC as result, almost went bankrupt.  This is when Dana White decided to buy the company and turn it around.  He did this by not advertizing how bloody and gory the sport was but rather, how technical the fighters really are and how hard they train.  With this new face for MMA he was able to turn the company around. UFC signed a big deal with Spike TV which now airs many of the fights.  Also there are pay per view fights almost every month.  UFC 100 which featured such fights as Brock Lesner vs. Frank mir,  Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves and Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping had 2 million paying viewers via pay per view.  The pay per view price of the event went for around 60 dollars.  Not to mention that some of the seats at the event sold for several thousand dollars. Today UFC even has its own reality show called the Ultimate Fighter.  The Ultimate Fighter features 16 fighter living under 1 roof, in which the winner receives a 1 year contract with UFC. Although UFC is not for everyone, it certainly has captured many peoples’ interest so much that they are willing to pay big bucks just to watch from the comfort of their homes.


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