The Pendleton Panther

Patrick Swayze

Posted on: September 15, 2009

Actor Patrick Swayze born in August 18, 1952, died at 57 years old from pancreatic cancer on Monday September 14th 2009.  He was best known for his lead roles the movies, Dirty dancing and Ghost. These movies captivated fans at all ages.  In 1991 people magazine named him “sexiest” man alive.  In january 2008 Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with stage 1v pancreatic cancer.  He had his pilots license and he enjoyed flying and often took along his two dogs.  He was born a Catholic but throughout his times, he studied many different religions and philosophies including Iching Ching T’ai Chi, Buddhism, martial arts, transcendental meditation, and zen archery.  After the death of his father, he started to drink heavily.  His sister Vicky committed suicide which led him to self-help for alcoholism. Patrick Swayze was a very talented man and people throughout the world will miss his precense.

RIP Patrick Swayze.


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