The Pendleton Panther

Hair Color (Stereotyping)

Posted on: September 15, 2009

I colored my hair recently. I was a dirty blond and now my hair in certain light may seem black or a dark brown. If you knew me last year, coloring my hair would not be a surprise. I started last school year with bleach blond hair, then I went brown, then back to blond again, and the last week of school I went from all that to a very dark brown.  I’ve heard almost every joke or stereotype in the book. As a blond I always got the dumb blond jokes, as a brunette I seemed to just float through life. Unnoticed and respected more so than when I was a blond. My hair now was an accident; I was expecting a light brown to come out when I went to the hairdresser. However, this did not happen. Why is our hair so important? To some of us our hair is everything. It defines who we are. We have our ditsy blonds, black haired emo kids; exocentric multi colored kids with the pink, blue, purple ect. tough as nails red heads, and the level headed brunettes. Now these are just a few stereotypes and you might view them differently however, we all stereotype in own way or another. I think it’s a shame at times, the fact that we are so smart, yet we still stereotype and judge based on such small details.



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