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World Trade Center – The Movie

Posted on: September 10, 2009

World Trade CenterOn September the 11th 2001, one of the largest terrorist attacks on the U.S and perhaps the world occurred.  It was a devastating attack on many innocent people that affected thousands of families.  “World Trade Center” is a movie that is dedicated to all of the people involved in the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York.  It is a very detailed account of what happened on September 11th.  Although the movie is about the attacks on the World Trade Centers, it tells the story of two specific Port Authority police officers, Will Jimeno and John McLoughlin.  This movie shows just how difficult it was for Jimeno and McLoughlin to try and keep themselves alive.  They were alone under the rubble for many hours before help came, probably the scariest and longest hours of their lives.  This movie shows how many people went into the towers and risked their lives to try and help other people, it shows just how selfless and brave those people were, and for that I give them my upmost respect.  Some families did not want to take part in the movie because they didn’t agree to it.  Obviously they have their reasons for not wanting to participate and I understand why it is difficult for them.  The one big thing that I found completely unacceptable about the making of the movie is that Jason Thomas, one of the rescuers who helped Jimeno and McLoughlin was portrayed as white when he is actually African American.  Not only was that mistake made, they called him Mike Thomas in the movie when his real name was Jason Thomas.  I think that when a movie like this is shot, mistakes like that cannot be made.  I think that the research for the movie should have been more thorough.


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well done natalie 10/10
this should have gone on your blog, not the Panther. But it’s ok, you can leave it here.

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